Unspoken thoughts

My head my mindOnce was emptyThe wall was up strong.Now I'm all aloneWith nothing butMy studies to completeAnd my future to pounderAbout.I don't know where I'll be2 years from now.I don't know whatThis tiny feeling is about. I'm not scaredI'm just notUsed to beingBlind about my future.My hearts fallen asleepIt's been in a comaSince I... Continue Reading →

Wishful thinking

Wishing and mentallycontemplating. If all these tasks wereDoneBy just the thought of it.The pile of workKeeps increasing.I want to open my mouthTo speak to myselfI don't want to lookInsane. Remember You are not alone GOD is your strength. Prayer must be consistent

Frozen in time

Your body is fineBut youare not movingYou cantseem to moveYour mind has beenFrozen in time.You cant take partYou know youwant to movebut you cant. The mindand the bodyare twopowerful machines.If your mind is lost,Your body wont moveNo matter how hardYou shout.Its stuckIts frozen in time. You’ve beenphysically immobile.Your mindjust reacted lateLike it always does.Don’t stop... Continue Reading →


Mentally thinking peopleAre against meWishing for them to understand meMy eyes may be openedBut my ears are glued shut.Hearing the supportFrom people thatNever used to supportIsn't easyTo get used to.With repeatitionMy ears are openedBut my heart is dark.No kind words makeThem beat. Receiving refuge fromOutsiders.Scared to go to famThey don't understandI tell myselfBut why oh... Continue Reading →


I wanna take you outI wish you were physicalI wish you were an actual personOh I can feel you.This mushy feeling within meI just want to embrace youBut I can't becauseYou are within meAnd I can't hug meSo what should I do?I can't express in wordsThe feeling you areLetting out. Ouh I can feel you.I... Continue Reading →

Give in but don’t give up

Have you ever felt that resistance within you? Like you want to do something but then again you don't want to do it even though you know that it's good or it will do you some good? well, that is what this poem is slightly about. it  tells a story of that resistance or fight.... Continue Reading →

A message

Hey guys!! 😁 This poem came after the "conversation" had taken place. I was taking a break from my clinical and applied physiology revision which was quite intense I was revising neuro degeneration and staining techniques used to identify the different diseases of the brain. I took a step out into my balcony and just... Continue Reading →

The sweet whisper of seduction

Heeyyyy😀 welcome back again to another energy filled poem by yours truly : ria.. Fully known as Victoria. So seduction heyy😉 well I'm guessing all of you well think that this is all sexual and all about romance errrrrrrrrrr I will leave that suspense to you😁 how did this come about without giving any spoilers..... Continue Reading →

The boxing match

I will be changing things up now. So heads up😉. With every poem I post I will give a brief background about how it came about. For this particular poem "the boxing match" I wrote it or rather my soul or my ghost hand wrote it as a reflection point to all the feedback I've... Continue Reading →

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