Night Time

All of my daysThroughout allOf these years.There’s been tearsAnd fears.Nightmares werethe worst. The days were longThe nights wereThe worst.You were lyingIn bed.Bombarded byThoughtsGoing round and


You’ve been blindedYou’ve been lead astray.What now?You’ve workedTill you literallyCan’t anymore.Will it be permanent?HELL NO!!I will fight. You’ve gone aboutThis the wrong way.But you’ve doneWell


You’re in painIt’s your fault.You’re depressedIt’s your faultYou’re a failureIt’s your faultYour successIt’s your faultYou’ve been hurtIt’s your fault. I’ve been a foolI’ve been blindedNow


Naive  as I amNaive I still am.Saying yes to awell presented package.Dissapointed to seeThe content reallyDoesn’t matchThe package. Go on aheadSwallow theButter pillYou’ve learnt somethingHaven’t


What words saidWould comfort aGriever?What choicesMade will lead toChange?the words SpokenHas potential toHeal and kill.To comfort and destroy. What words can beSaid to a personIn

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