What is a human?Is it the seen?Or the unseen?We unknownlyLabelled ourselves.Now there's othersFighting to be partOf this popular label. A disabled humanIs very much a human.I don't see the boxI see what'sInside the box.The door isn'tYour house.Just like your flashOr lack of flash on boneIsn't what makes you.It comes with the package.Why get treated differently?... Continue Reading →


You don't want toBut you mustYou don't seeSee the impactOf your actions.Believe meAnd followWhat I tell youTo do.Stop resisting. Stubborn humansWhen will you learn.Through resistanceYou eventuallyStress yourself. There is no pointIn creating somethingThat will not helpYou positively.StubbornnessCan only be capturedThrough a painfulExperience.Keep resistingVery soon you'llLearn.Most definitelyThe hard way.

Night Time

All of my daysThroughout allOf these years.There's been tearsAnd fears.Nightmares werethe worst. The days were longThe nights wereThe worst.You were lyingIn bed.Bombarded byThoughtsGoing round and roundTill you fell asleep. The night time is worst.The night time is bad.Like the fox and pigI am haunted byNight time


You've been blindedYou've been lead astray.What now?You've workedTill you literallyCan't anymore.Will it be permanent?HELL NO!!I will fight. You've gone aboutThis the wrong way.But you've doneWell considering.Your visions backYou look aroundYou're surrounded. You've given inHave you lostThe will to go on?I'm just relaxingOh yeah??!For how long?? You are in the mistOf the battleAnd you are relaxing.You've... Continue Reading →


You're in painIt's your fault.You're depressedIt's your faultYou're a failureIt's your faultYour successIt's your faultYou've been hurtIt's your fault. I've been a foolI've been blindedNow I'm hurt.I'm in pain.Can't blameNo oneBut you. They sayYou are a productOf your environment.I came outBarely smiling.I got tiesFrom the past. I've been blinded.Now I'm hurting.So focused onReaching theFinish line.I... Continue Reading →


Naive  as I amNaive I still am.Saying yes to awell presented package.Dissapointed to seeThe content reallyDoesn't matchThe package. Go on aheadSwallow theButter pillYou've learnt somethingHaven't you.You played real nice.You've lured me inBut don't thinkFor a moment.I won't fight my way out. You've taught meNot to be unaware.I will take the burn.I will swallow theBitter pillIve... Continue Reading →

More time

I don't have enoughTime to pay attentionTo the things going onAround me.Mentally runningLooking and mumbling.What did I do here?How much time didI spend there? I'm chasing timePlease slow down.You're runningFaster than me.With my hands outstretched.I finally got hold of you. Just like sandYou drop fromMy handJust like a snowflakeYou melt with aTiny touch. What must... Continue Reading →


What words saidWould comfort aGriever?What choicesMade will lead toChange?the words SpokenHas potential toHeal and kill.To comfort and destroy. What words can beSaid to a personIn agonising pain?Will you say yesto nos' or no to the yes?The choice is yours. We make themwithout knowing.Here I amSitting writingWith pain at my back.It eats at meBut I chooseNot... Continue Reading →


There is less colourIn this worldThrough the eyesOf pessimistic humans.The colours of the treesSeems to be dripping away intoThe drainage of the streetsSomething hard hits my legI turn to take a lookA car?Have I become dead aswellBlack and white is all I seeI smile as he makes gesturesOuhh this is real life Charlie chaplinMe like.I... Continue Reading →

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