Unspoken thoughts

My head my mindOnce was emptyThe wall was up strong.Now I'm all aloneWith nothing butMy studies to completeAnd my future to pounderAbout.I don't know where I'll be2 years from now.I don't know whatThis tiny feeling is about. I'm not scaredI'm just notUsed to beingBlind about my future.My hearts fallen asleepIt's been in a comaSince I... Continue Reading →

Wishful thinking

Wishing and mentallycontemplating. If all these tasks wereDoneBy just the thought of it.The pile of workKeeps increasing.I want to open my mouthTo speak to myselfI don't want to lookInsane. Remember You are not alone GOD is your strength. Prayer must be consistent

Frozen in time

Your body is fineBut youare not movingYou cantseem to moveYour mind has beenFrozen in time.You cant take partYou know youwant to movebut you cant. The mindand the bodyare twopowerful machines.If your mind is lost,Your body wont moveNo matter how hardYou shout.Its stuckIts frozen in time. You’ve beenphysically immobile.Your mindjust reacted lateLike it always does.Don’t stop... Continue Reading →


Mentally thinking peopleAre against meWishing for them to understand meMy eyes may be openedBut my ears are glued shut.Hearing the supportFrom people thatNever used to supportIsn't easyTo get used to.With repeatitionMy ears are openedBut my heart is dark.No kind words makeThem beat. Receiving refuge fromOutsiders.Scared to go to famThey don't understandI tell myselfBut why oh... Continue Reading →

Peacefully Chaotic

How does one findPeace in the mist of chaos?They say completeOpposite tend to attract.Well my peace hasCertainly being tested.In the mist of noiseFake tearsAnd a high pitch studderningOf words from theYounger clans of humans. To enter in the mistOf chaosOne must trainYour mind.I'm in a seasonWhere I'm beingTrained to becomeJake of all trades.Experience is whatWill... Continue Reading →

Modern day Repunzel

Originally written 2016 Don't think it's all that badOr that I'm sad.Just be gladThat I amfinally happy.Like a new born baby.When it smilesWithout a careIn the world.You may beWonderingWhy I'm writingThis.I wouldn't want youTo start worrying.Asking questionsThat you haveno answer to.So here's a giftFrom me to you.A little poem for youTo hang on to. I'm... Continue Reading →


 originally written 2017My father was always brave.Never showingWhen he was down.But when his fatherDied things spiralledOut of control.The crown is nowIn his head.For his step brothersLeft their fatherFor dead. The anger and jealousyFollowed my grandfatherTo his death bed."Why does he have this?"" I want this land"They never did letTheir request endUp until his deathbed. This... Continue Reading →

Can’t wait

Originally written : 25-09-2016 You got toLet it goAnd just goWith the positive flow.Yeah, it canGet hardSometimes.You don't haveto be so uptight. I'm always beingTold to loosen up.I'm taking everythingWay too seriously.I'm just scared.I don't want toLoose my grip.I don't want toGo back to theOld me. I don't know whatTo do.I am so usedTo been... Continue Reading →

My Father ❤️

My father told meYou may be a girlBut you were raisedAs a man.I laughed.Never take noAs an answer.You got to fightAs a man.Never thoughtI could raiseYou this way.Your motherNever thoughtShe'll live upTill todayBut look at her.She may not beHappy but sheHas made it. Was he being serious?I guess so becauseHe taught meNot to ever limitYourself.You... Continue Reading →

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