Trust walk

What is itWith you?I don't get youAt times.You come thenYou leave.You say thingsThat make meBelieve you'veChanged.So I go on aWalk with youBecause I trust you. This trust walkis where you openUp to me.I feel your hurt.But I also feelThe love urgingTo come out.I trust you've changed.I can see it inThe way youWalk and holdYour head... Continue Reading →

Passenger’s sit

Oh Boii do IJust want toGo back toThe passenger's sit.Just sit and watchAs each day passesBy not fully beingIn control ofHow each day goes. You're reluctant.You want to chill.Sit back andWatch as othersCatch or makeTheir goalscome true. You shouldKnow thisAbout yourselfBy now.You are notOne of them.You must alwaysKeep creatingKeep movingThe wavesYou createAre attractingSouls. Don't stop... Continue Reading →

The core

There is moreThat meets the eyes.So whateverIt is that'sComing at you,Take it upAnd analyse it.Remember youare human.You are not perfect. Don't closeYourself upTo the lifeYou live.Yes! It hurts youBut its only toOpen you upWhen given aPresent that'sWrapped up.What must youDo?You tear upThe wrapping paper. The core isWhere trueBeauty lies.If you ain't openLife will ensureTo break... Continue Reading →

Be free

Just go withThe feeling.Let it outAnd don'tHold on to it.Emotions are meantTo be expressed.No matter the reactionOf others. They don't understandWhy.Even though they say it.You mustBe free. We weren'tMeant forCaptivity.We shall roamWild or tamed.Without a careBe free and let itBe knownFor othersHave no say orControl over you.Be free my dear one. Entertain, produce and createLet... Continue Reading →

Gone are the days

Gone are the daysWhere you wouldStay awake all nightfighting yourselfShouting at yourselfTo get a gripOf your thoughts. Gine are the daysWhere you wouldLay awake duringThe day doingNothing just lostHeld captiveBy your mind.You gave powerTo a terrible masterWhat were you thinking? Well I guessYou weren't.Because you thoughtA wonderful servantWould make abreath taking master.Well I'm sorry dear.As... Continue Reading →

Forgetful Me

You've forgottenOf your quality.You've forgottenOf the classYou were bornInto.You grew up inThe zoneWhere statusDoesn't reallyCatch the earsAnd eyes ofPassers-bySo you've  forgottenAbout your quality. Don't forgetWhere you come fromYou've allowedYourself to beEngulfed byYour surroundings You've forgottenAbout the powerYou posses.You've forgottenAbout the qualityOf authorityYou hold. You allow forOthers to leadThe way for you.You've lost your morals.Look at... Continue Reading →

Don’t allow it

Don't allow yourselfTo be held downOr hurt by theirWords.I'm telling youthis you know. Don't allow itYou've beenHypnotisesBy their appearancesTheir wordsMove sweetlyInto your mindAnd lingers thereFir sometime. I tell you don'tCoundon itYou have no ideaWhat you areAllowing intoYour space. Physically humanBut it's what thatCan not be seenThat holds more power.Pay attention.I beg of you.Heed my instructions.You... Continue Reading →

The present

One daySome dayWe live itDay by dayCalling itEverydayNicknamed itThe present.Cause you neverKnow what theDay will show you. You may planAnd make aTo-do list.The supriseIs always inThe present.You look aheadYou're ignoringThe presentHanded to you. Some say theyDon't want it.They dash it away.They never even openedIt to discoverWhat may be inside.Prédiction killsThe present.Thinking, imaginingWhat it may beNot... Continue Reading →

Standing strong

I'm always scaredTo fall behindSo I work likeMy life dependsOn it.It does if you thinkAbout it.Without educationWho am I?I have skillsBut no sponsorTo drive it through. Who am iWithout knowledge?Just a plain boringVesselThat has nothingTo offer in this life.Education has madeMe who am I.God has held me throughIt all. So forgive me ifMy thoughtsAnd actions... Continue Reading →

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