Into the deep

You may want
Someone with you
In the deep.
You may want
To be saved
In the deep.
Stop worrying.
You are not drowning.

You may be
In the deep
But you are floating.
Your mind is fooling you.
Stop and breath.
Your actions and
Worries are drowning you.

You are in the deep
For advanced training.
Stop worrying.
You got this.
Nothing has changed.
Nothing is new.
Stop creating problems
Where there is none.

You need to be alone
You need to focus
On you.
Others can’t come
With you.
Others can’t help
You physically.
You will get through this.
You got this.
You will not die.
Simply do what you know
And stop doubting.

Focus on doing
What you know.
Do it and leave
The unknown.
Help is always
You just need to start.

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