Wrongful wishing

Wishing shouldn’t be backwards
But you’re wishing
To be back where
You were.
Why? my dear
That’s wrongful wishing
Don’t you know
You are right
Where you’re meant to be?

Moving forward
is the best way
For you.
Staying still
In a world that’s
Moving doesn’t do
A person like you
Any justice.

Stop with this wish
Of yours.
This I warn you.
Don’t ever wish to be
Back where u once were.
Back then you were
Wishing to be anywhere
But there.
And now?
Stop it!

Keep moving
Through this storm
For the Lord is guiding
You and he is ordering
Your steps.
Stop at once.
With your wrongful wishing.


      1. Maybe no-where is a place. A place where the souls too scared for the things unpredictable go to. Those who refuse to go to no-where are dare-devil’s because we know and trust our inner compose. The clear path that’s ahead of us is like a blank canva can tends to scare many away and lead them to stay in nowhere… Its a place many souls have been trapped and are seeking a way out ๐Ÿ˜ Definitely need to right this down its a poem in the making damn!!

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