Never easy

It is never easy
speaking out the truth.
It is never easy acting as though,
Every thing is cool.
I put my feelings to one place,
Put a smile on my face,
Stepping out of the box,
I look behind.
Its smaller than I thought.
Take a good look out of it,
How did I ever
Let myself in that piece
Of shit.

I don’t know.
I guess we are
not always in control.
I take a few deep breath,
Let the games begin.
I’m ready.
Had to take time aside,
To recalibrate.
My purpose.
My vision.

You work so much,
The days tend to blend into one.
What was a week,
Feels like a month.
Take some few deep breath,
Step aside and take
a good look around.
Life isn’t as you
make it out to be.
Take things slow and chill.
Take some self time.

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