The forest

Pushing through
Dodging, running.
I’ve got to keep
My faith up
That’s my shield.
My sword is my word.
These branches
Won’t stop me
From moving forward.

These insects crawling
On me
Will not freak
Me out.
I will keep calm
With every step I make.

This forest of change
Will not consume me.
The night comes
My vision is deemed
But I will not
Allow that to
Hold me back.

I must use my
Other senses.
My instinct will
Be my guide
Out of this forest.

Hi to every one of you readers and a special hello to my friends that have been reading every single post ive made. thank you so much for the support it honestly means a lot to see some familiar names in the mist of newcomers. Thank you so much for liking my post and most importantly for leaving a comment for us to chat for a little while i love to connect with my readers it makes it more humane for me lol.

So lets get to the meat of this. for all that may not know i am currently doing a course called post graduate certificate in education to become a teacher i came two weeks late into this course because of the delay in acceptance. the pandemic has honestly slowed a lot of things that drastically which is good but its not good, so because i was two weeks late i had to get on top of the theorises and all sorts (it wasn’t a lot that i had missed) but this affected me mentally and so that’s what this poem “the forest “ is about. the forest is the change that i’m in the course that i’m in and everyday facing new “challenges” one of them being trying not look or be anti social and take part in the group discussion. there are a lot of group discussions and it gets tiring at times because a lot of people just talk abut their personal life and it isn’t interesting to me so i just zone out or i do the work myself.i also have been given a placement in a 6th form college (for those that don’t know it is an institution where a range of student mainly 16-18 come to take part in a subject that they would like to do as a profession. it is also another chance for students who failed their exams to do it again and do another course as well.)

That’s the story behind the poem thank you ever so much for reading this and please do leave a comment on your thoughts and i will be sure to reply back to you. connecting is the way forward in this world my lovely peeps. stay blessed, keep pushing and never give in to despair for good times are just around the corner if you stop now you wont meet it so keep pushing and keep putting one foot in front of the other. it will be worth it at the end i assure you. here are some motivational images for you to consume. Eat it all up 😀

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