What life?

Many don’t know
What they want to be.
But they know who
They’d love to be.
They see the reward
Not the sacrifice
Made in the way.

Many want to
Go to heave.
No one wants
To die.
Have you given
That imagined life
A try?
Give it some
Not just one.

You must fall
To break open
The true potential
That lies dormant
Within you.

Whats stopping you
From looking within
Don’t stop when
It gets hard.
Dont quit.
It’s the life you wanted no?

Stay stuck in
The illusion of
Slaved comfortablity
Or work hard
And sweat mad
For your true
In which
Your inner greatness
Graves for.

You love walking
In the sunshine.
You must endure
During the rainy days
And storms ahead.
You have it within you.
You must only
Reach deeper
Than most.


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