Too big are the boots

You’ve given me some boots
I had no choice but
To put my feet inside.
You tell me to walk in them.
For these are what I will wear.
You will grow into it you said.
You see me as I trip and fall
You constantly tell me
To get back up and walk.

You will soon get used
To them you said.
I find myself growing
In a world that is too
Big for me.
I’m sure I’m not
The only one.

Just like the big boots
You put tissues in so
It fits you.
What is it in life that
You do that makes
Others thing you got this.
When in reality you are just
Struggling each day?

The secret is not in being.
You can’t simply be.
You must become the part.
You must become the person
They envisioned you to be.
You wear the boots till it fits you.
With time you outgrow the boots.
And its time to buy the ines
You want.
Its time to buy the boots.
Which your prefer.

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