The cost

Your thoughts are seeds
The moment you act on it
They become an action.
The action tells us what
You are thinking.
There are times you think
There are times you don’t.
The cost of your actions
If there was a price tag
On each action made.
Woukd you go ahead with it?

Think twice.
When speaking
Your words carry weight.
Everything we do
Come with a price.
Think about it
There are some decisions
You made that were expensive.
You were rich in feelings
So you gave alot of
That out.
You were rich in time
So you wasted alot of that.

There is no refund
In this life.
You can not take
Back your actions
You can’t undo the
Bad decisions you made.
Ask life what the cost is
Before you invest.
You will get a rip off otherwise.

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