Pure Greatness

No! You don’t
Deserve to die.
Nor do you deserve
Anything less than
Pure love,care and ultimate
Attention of your soul.

You deserve
More than you
Are being given.
No! Don’t you settle
For less.
I urge you
Get up and fight
For what belongs
to you.

Allow me tell you
what you are not:
Selfish, ugly,fat,a scumbag,
A prick, worthless,a pest,
A slave, a loser, a waste of breath,
A waste of flesh.

You are needed
On this earth.
You must leave behind
Your footmark for
Generations to remember
You by.

You are a legend
In the making .
You are an inspiration.
that’s waiting to be seen.
Don’t you settle
For less
Believe it and you will
Achieve what you believe in.

Through sheer
Hardwork, dedication and gut.
You will blow away
All the naysayers
With the thrust of positivity
That pushes you up.

Don’t you ever
settle for less.
You have greatness
written inside of you.
Just turn within rather
than focusing on what’s
Going on outside.


      1. Oh, well, if you publish with Amazon, it’s absolutely free. I’d suggest starting with an ebook.
        Also, if you like, I can make you a book cover also, as the Amazon options for covers are rubbish, but the ebook services are fantastic.

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