You’ve dropped it
You look around
Hoping someone
Would help you out.
They all seem distracted.
To your left
A group picking up their
Own broken pieces
To your right
A group sticking their
Pieces together.
You look down
Shaking trembling.
Blinded by the tears
Treaming down.
Am I invisible?
You open your mouth
They look through you.

Wipe those tears
Taking deep breaths
You try to put
The pieces together.
Deep breaths in and out.
You got this.
The pieces keep
Slipping through your fingers.
You can’t do it.
You can’t.
Why can’t you?
You look around for help
You go to your right
Could you help me
You see they almost got
The last piece in
They turn to help
Their piece starts to break.
They smile and say
It’s alright
As they help you.

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