Land of the Living

Life is not
What we make it.
You fake it
Till it breaks you.
Your acting skills
Is a tremendous fail.

You belong in
The land of the living.
This war you’re running
Away from with sleep
Will not help you grow
Or overcome.

Stick through it.
Fight through those
Lonely nights.
You are greater
Than you feel
You are amazing.
Wipe those tears
And keep on fighting.

You must stay in the
Land of the living
There is much to acquire.
Let these words hug you,
Shelter you and comfort you.
Do not leave us.
The land of the living
Is made for you.
Don’t listen to
Those harsh words
They scratch your skin
Like knives .

Use my words as a shield
To protect you
From the power
Of darkness.
For they are dragging you
To the land of the dead.
Stay with us .
I beg of you.

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