WINTER is the one
winter is the friend
that tends to annoy you
and gets on your nerve
but you love them,
 and they love you.
The hug of the cold wind
as it washes over you 
makes your body shiver
your teeth chitter uncontrollably.
I Love winter because I was born
Into its arms.
It comes and goes but never fails
To impact my life.
The consistency may be wavered
Due to our intruder
Global warming.
In the last few months
It whispers in my ears
In the dead of night
don’t worry my dear
I shall always hold you
In my arms as though
You were a baby.
I will forever cuddle
You in my arms
Rest assure I will never leave you
Though my visiting hours
May vary
I will always look forward
To seeing my friend winter
For the love is there
I feel it in my bones.

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