Who out there
Can share the
Pain with me?
The boredom
Of isolation .
The solitude
That we confined in.

What is social?
I may be speaking
During my darkest hours.
That’s the only time
My mind is awake.
These words
Flow when I’m
In pain.
What’s life
With no pain.
The joy ride
Always comes to an end.

Nothing good last forever
I’m glad that it doesnt.
But answer me
This one question
If you may
When will we get used
To the ups and down
On this rollercoaster
We call life?

It’s making me
Feel sick.
I don’t enjoy
Anything anymore.
I’m numb.
I’m tired of
Fighting .
Watch as I float

You only scream
When you have
The energy.
I don’t.
I’m drained.
I’m going through
This life
Being mute.

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