Now I See-poem

It isn’t all that bad
If I hadn’t been sad
I would have never known
what it would be like to be glad.
If I hadn’t been blind
I wouldn’t have known
What it is like to see
All the beautiful buildings,
The sun rising
The smile of people’s faces
their expression
when there are tired or unhappy.
It had to be bad
For it to be Good
Now I can see
Now I want to be set
Free completely.
So I will continue
Working on myself for myself
I will take my days off
When I need it.
For it is only me that feels the pain
I currently am feeling.
I want to be free
So I work on myself daily
Physically and mentality
I smile and laugh
When the situation
Is tough and chaotic
I am clam and in control.
I still have a lot to learn
So I’m glad I started now.
Thank you, God,
 for giving me this gift
For it brings me peace.
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