We grew into it
That was the only
Way we knew
How to please
Or piss our
Parents off.
Am I right?

as the years add on
They start to
Speaks less
The distance
Starts when  the
Word indepence
Comes into the house.
You don’t speak.
Their approval
Doesn’t  mean much
No more.

Their love isn’t enough.
You want more.
Let’s flip the coin.
You never was seen
You grew up invisible.
Those that see you
Are those that
truly matter.
You seek their
Approval b’cuz
They make you
Feel good in
Your own skin.

Validation is a drug.
That only few
Are aware of.
I will keep this short
And sweet
B’cuz that’s what
You need.
You want the things
That make you
Feel good.
Babe, it doesn’t
Last long.
To all my dudes
Out there
Wearing ego
As a shield
You’re embarrassing

The only validation
You should be seeking
Is one that comes
From within.
Do things for you.
Don’t do it for them
You life isn’t
One to be broadcasted.
My eyes are sore.
You are good

My words won’t
Mean anything
If you don’t
Feel the love
From within.

I won’t validate you.
You are not an item.
I will support you
Be n’est to you
As you grow
That’s all I can do.
The rest is up to you.

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