The wind vs Tree

An army of trees
Protect us from the
Ray’s of the sun.
They provide us
With a vessel where our
Wasted breathe is comsumed.
What will we be wothout them
How long could humans
Live without trees.

I wonder what they say
To each other?
The wind brushes
By them
Causing the leaves to sway
Left and right.
I hope the cacoon of catapiller
Is strong
For when the heaviest of wind
It lashes out
At the biggest of trees.

What ever did the tree
Do to you wind?
I see as you fight with the trees
They are big and their roots are strong
But why them?
I wake up the next day
To find the war to be over.
You’ve chopped
The tree in half
You are harsh
It must have taken you
A long time
To get that tree
To surrender.

R. I. P to that tree
Whatever it’s name was.


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