You always hear:
Keep going
No matter what
Just keep going.
You are doing great!
How on earth
Am I doing great?
Cause I’m feeling
As though im
About to die soon.

Tell me something
Worth hearing.
I don’t want to hear
Your passive words.
They do me no good
But only keep me drowning.

Look I don’t want
To complain
But boii this
Is not what
I thought it
Would be.

Now I know how
Labrats feel
If I ever own
An animal
It would be

Couped up in
A 1 bedroom flat
Is prison.
Oouh prisoners!!
How are they coping?
Well I guess they’re re
Enjoying cause
They don’t have
To pay bills or rent.

All they do is
Sleep, eat,
make more trouble,
Do some workout
And that’s all.
Imagine that!!

Well if they can do that
I can
But how do they
Get a grip of their
Mental state?
Cause I’m struggling
To keep afloat.

One-day I’m good.
The next I’m not
The routines
I made seemed
RealisticΒ  till
I lost the motivation
Oh Boii.


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