Gone and never to return

The flow
You feel it
It flows
Through you.
That adrenaline
Rushes through you.
You’ve finally had
An idea.
Quick quick
Write it down
Before it leaves
And never comes back.

Oh Boii!!
It sure is hard
As a writer.
You were finally
Getting the rest
Your eyes needed.
You brain thinks otherwise.

An image pops
Into your mind.
OUH!! That’s a good one.
Give it a minute
Too tired
To get up.
So you watch
As the movie
Plays in your head.

You wake up
Alrighty I’m ready.
Let’s here it again
You’re met with silence.
A blank page
With your pen
In your hand
You wait and wait.
Let’s try to mediate
There’s no Hest.
Try your best
Come on brainπŸ˜–
Nope… Nothing

Well.. that’s frustratingπŸ˜’


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