Did you or do you?

Did you know
Or do you know.
Past and present
If only we were told.
Even if we were warned
Would you have believed it?

We all are doubter
Before we became believer.
Somehow you stopped
Being so gullible
And became sceptical.
If you were told
In the past
Of the future
You will have
Would you have believed?

Did you know
things would
end or be like this?
Do you know
What you are doing?
Where you did
Or whether you do
I’m sure the answer
Is no.

Your no is my yes
When I hear no
I do so
Don’t procrastinate
I will so do
I want to know
Why you told
Me not to do so.
Warning are a blessing
Even though they
Prevent us from
Doing the things
We would love
To do.

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