Don’t you dare

Never bite the
hands that fed you.
Don’t you dare
Look down at
The person or people
Who gave you what
You now have
Don’t you dare
Try to outshine them.

The master may
seem weak and
But the soul
Is still youthful
And cunning.
You dare bite
The hands that
Fed you?
Just be ready
For when
their reactions
Makes you
Unstable again.

You bite
They slap.
A slap which
Will result in
You becoming deaf.
A person that was
Once abled has now
Become disabled.
All because of
I-can-do  attitude.

Don’t you dare
Look down
On them.
They supported
You, helped you,
Motivated you and
Even listened to you
Doubt yourself.

Whatever the future
May hold for you.
Don’t you dare allow
Success delude you.
Stay grounded
Your roots are
Embedded deep.
The fruit may
stand firm
and beautiful
But without the
Roots underneath
The fruit will
not flourish.
Heed my warning
For the master
Was once
a stubborn student.

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