A message

Hey guys!! 😁

This poem came after the “conversation” had taken place. I was taking a break from my clinical and applied physiology revision which was quite intense I was revising neuro degeneration and staining techniques used to identify the different diseases of the brain. I took a step out into my balcony and just looked up at the sky the clouds were beautiful and i lost myself in the mist of the clouds and the birds.

The next thing I felt was my mind filled with words. What? Why am I feeling this way urgh. Whenever I feel mind-full I know there’s something to write down and I don’t know what it is until it is completely so here is a :

A messages from the sky😁 hope you enjoy it

Sky: Look at the clouds
They are packed together
And moving together
Some big clouds
Are grey.
These clouds
Appear in different
Shades of grey.
Do you see that
Massive dark grey cloud?
When a cloud is grey
What does it mean?

Me: Err it has water inside it.
The dark grey ones
Means there is alot
Of water inside it
And it might let
It out soon.

Sky: Yes. That’s correct!
But let me ask you
Another question:
These dark grey clouds
Have they stopped moving ?
Me: Err no nope
they are slowly moving.

Sky: Can you see that almost
All of those massive clouds
And the ones near it
What was once white
Is slowly filling up with grey?
Me: Yeah I can see that.

Sky:Now take all of that
And apply it to humans.
The moment you are
Filled with an emotion
Be in good or bad
You want everything
To stop.
You want to either
Cherish the moment
By taking pictures
Or writing or even
When things get
Really grey or heavy or
Become too much
To bear.
You humans want
It all to stop.

Sky: Those grey clouds
The dark ones
When it has too
Much water
What does it do?
It rains no?
Have you ever looked
Up at the clouds
When it rains?

Me:Yes! Yes I have.
They continue moving

Sky: yes exactly
They lets heavy
All out.
And whilst doing so
They are in motion.
Be it hours or days
Of constant rain.
They are not staggant
They are always in motion.

Be like us please.
Holding on to things
That hurt you
Doesn’t allow you
To move.
If the clouds were
Alway grey
Would you ever see me
The sky and the sun?

Me: no we wouldn’t
For the blue sky to
Be seen the grey
Clouds would need
to empty themselves
In order to become white
And the sky to be seen.

The sky is your mind.
The clouds are your
Sometimes the sky
is clear and blue
With no clouds.
And the sun shines
Really bright.

Other times
The clouds come
They come in
Different shapes
And sizes.
They first appear
White,clear and purified.
Which can last for days.
But they don’t stay
The same.
They come and go
White are always
Moving just like
Our emotions.

Sky: everything I have
Shown you from the birds
To the clouds
And even the wind.
Did you feel that
Wave of wind just now?

Me: yeah that chilly wind
Came and it has left
Sky: nothing stays staggant.
So why are you staggant?
Let it go
It happened
It has passed
It’s a different day
Stop living in
Look up more.
I have much more
to teach and show you.
The ground and
Nothing to show you
Look up and see us

Positive energy:
We are here
To fall into you
Let us in.
Let all that grey out
You’ve got this.


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