The boxing match

I will be changing things up now. So heads upπŸ˜‰. With every poem I post I will give a brief background about how it came about.

For this particular poem “the boxing match” I wrote it or rather my soul or my ghost hand wrote it as a reflection point to all the feedback I’ve been getting from family members. Telling you what you’ve done wrong aggregate the whole act of your words . You would be so shocked that you won’t be able to speak. πŸ˜…

One thing I’m learning to do is take it all on board their manner of approach isn’t ideal.. But their words come from a good place so to all that may be on a hard place with your significant other or friend or family here’s what I have to say don’t hold on to their agressive approach listen carefully.. Patience is key and understanding.. Well to be honest in the heat of things all that will go out the window πŸ˜… but I always tell myself when I’m been brought to a stand and being “told off” breath don’t soak in their negative energy despite it beating on you to allow it access..

Hopefully this all makes senseπŸ˜…πŸ™ˆ.so without further words I introduce to you *drum rolls*

The boxing match!!!!!!

I’ve been given
A good beating
From a left hook
Of accusation
To a right upper cut
Of mis understanding
Which lead me
to a swollen tongue
Unable to fix it.

Regret then comes
To step on my chest!!
Now I’m here
On the floor
Trying to breath.

The fight isn’t over.
I will not lose
This round.
Self consciousness
Starts to do the
Count down.
What a bad ref!!

Doubt starts rubbing
My shoulders
Telling me
They will not
Support me
I will not win
This because
I don’t have the
Will in me.
They won’t understand me.

I’m in the corner
Hope is being dashed
In my face.
Removing the
Mouth guard
In my mouth
I allow resilience
To wash through
My mouth.
Chills raising
From within
I spit the blood out
I am ready for this round

With every uppercut
Coming my way
I will give a low jab
And dodge misunderstanding.
You wont hold my
Togue no more.
You are not right!
Your point of view
Is old fashioned
So is your boxing skills.

Agility is my right jab
Swifty and promptly
My point of view
Is my left upper cut
You once thought
Was weak.

Oooouuhh I’m moving in now.
Your back against
The ropes.
I won’t corner you.
I won’t do yiu
The way you
Did me
I may have lost
that round
But I’ve definitely
Won this match!!

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