How can one person
Say so many different
Things in the space
Of one week?
You’ve contradicted
Yourself many times
And yet you want
Me to heed your advice?!

Focus is a discipline
A work of art
Which should
Never be
tampered with.
You zone out
From the world
And zone into
Your work piece.
Full on beast mode.
Brings out the
Best of works.

You are in the zone!!
That focus of yours
Is a piece of art
Others wish
They could craft.

Don’t allow
Any negs
Into that zone.
If you must create
An impermeable bubble.
Do so.
Zone out for a couple
Of weeks.
What you create
Underground will
Bear fruit
When the season comes.

Allow the nay sayers
Waste their breath.
Passively listen
If you must.
Never shun them
For there may
Be a sentence
In there that
You need working

Be agile but firm
Be resilient but malible.
Be compassionate but selfish.
You are the
human form
of a chameleon.
Your core stays constant
But your actions
Or reaction
Changes steadily
As you interact
With others.

Your focus
Shows your
Self discipline.
You mindset
and your heartset
Has been shifted.
But you are not
Sure why or
To what direction
It points at.

Stand firm
Take all the
constructive criticism
And other praise
On board.

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