Broken Angel

The fallen angels
Of our past.
were caught
Going about their
Normal daily routines
Falling in love with
Other angels alike.

They never knew
The world they
Were about
To enter.
They followed
Their emotions
Thinking following
A good feeling
Will only bring
Then happiness right?

7 months down
The line.
Things ain’t
Going as planned.
The spark
That was once
there has descipated

Angels whose
Wings were up
Now covers
This fallen angel
As they remain
curled up on
The floor.

You start to replay
The moment
In your head.
You start to
Ask why?
Things were
Going so well.
When did it
Go so wrong?

You were so
Engulfed by
The emotion
You were blinded.
You never saw
The human
In front of you.
You saw a tool
That would somehow
Fix you or
So you hoped.

You were a
fallen angel
Whose eyes
Caught a glimpse
Of another angel
Who caught your
You want that angel
Not because
Of who they are
Or what they are.

You want that angel
Because of the feeling
That arises
within You.
So you go
With that feeling
Until it ran out.
Leaving more
Broken angels
In this world.


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