The Force.

It raises
Within me
There’s a force
That is slowly
Becoming stronger
With each day
That is made.

Come all ye
Who are weary
Draw near me.
You may not
Be in control
Don’t you worry
The force that
Draws you
To me is
Not harmful.

I have been
made emptied
And I have been
I have been
given nutrients
That will enlighten
Your soul.
The force I feel
Raising from within
Will draw you near
Allowing your
empty vessels
To be filled.
You will be nourished
Well enough.

The life you have lived
Has beaten you
To the point
You feel broken.
I see the pieces
Laying on the
What draws my
Attention is your

You have now being
Broken well enough.
That you are open
In such a way
The core shines
It palates its
Sweet delicate
No other
Human may hear.

Vulnerability is
A rare treasure
Only a few
Are trained to
Witness and
take hold of it.

The force draws
All the weary,
Those crawling
On their knees.
It raises within me.
We will grow together.
We will nourish
Each other.
We will be an
Undistructable Empire.
For the force
That raises
From within
Is an everlasting
Never casting
Purifying force.

This force can not
And will not diminish.


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