Passenger’s sit

Oh Boii do I
Just want to
Go back to
The passenger’s sit.
Just sit and watch
As each day passes
By not fully being
In control of
How each day goes.

You’re reluctant.
You want to chill.
Sit back and
Watch as others
Catch or make
Their goals
come true.

You should
Know this
About yourself
By now.
You are not
One of them.
You must always
Keep creating
Keep moving
The waves
You create
Are attracting

Don’t stop creating
Don’t stop writing
Don’t stop bring active
From the moment
You were born
Movement was
All you knew

You don’t belong
In the passenger’s
You may have
Experienced it
For a while
But it wasn’t made
For you.

You are not a passenger
Of your life.
Do you hear me?
You are the only
You are the driver.
You have the keys
Take off auto-pilot
And get back
Into your seat!!


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