Who will be
the hero
of my heart?
Who will save
Me from this
Drowning feeling
I’m currently in?
Where is my agent high?
Where is the substance
That will irradicate
This feeling of weakness?

Who will be the
Hero of this girl?
From afar
You can see she’s
Tired but she
Keeps going.
With every heavy
She chants:
I got this
You cane never
stop me

No hero’s?!
Well I guess
She’s gonna
be her own superhero.
Lessons in this quest
Will teach her:
How to rest
And not to give in.
That her best
Is better when
She’s not suppressed.

She’s gonna self-motivate
But never self sabotage.
The self love
Comes with practise
And flows from within.
Activate her heart set
Get a grip of her mindset
But never let go of her soul
Don’t ever give away
Something so prescious.

You are the guardian
If your soul.
You are the hero
Of your sorrow
For the hero
always brings out
the the rainbow
And comes
With a halo
To out on your head
Whenever you’ve been saved.


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