The core

There is more
That meets the eyes.
So whatever
It is that’s
Coming at you,
Take it up
And analyse it.
Remember you
are human.
You are not perfect.

Don’t close
Yourself up
To the life
You live.
Yes! It hurts you
But its only to
Open you up
When given a
Present that’s
Wrapped up.
What must you
You tear up
The wrapping paper.

The core is
Where true
Beauty lies.
If you ain’t open
Life will ensure
To break you
In order for
You to be open.

The core is
Where true beauty
you were born naive
With each year
You spent with life.
It blesses you
through the good
Then throws the
Bad at you?
Well if you
Experience the
Good of life
You will start
To abuse it
For granted.

So to all of you
Allow yourself
To be conditioned
Feel through the
There is always
Beauty in the bad.

I warn you
Here my warning.
Do not try
To escape.
Do not try
To find a quick
Way out.
You are not
What you seem.
You do not
Know the gold
That lies within.

The core is where
The the tree
Treasurary is at.
The bitter & sweet
Make great flavours
Don’t you agree?


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