Blind Giver

Do you have,
To give ?
What are your reasons
For giving such help
If you yourself
Are depleted.

You have been broken
You are broken
But yet you give
Pieces of yourself out.
Why do you do
Such deeds?

I have acknowledged
You are a giver
No matter the price.
But they don’t care.
But I guess you
Don’t too.
Because you’re
Still giving
In the depths of
Your hurt.
They will be worth
Nothing someday and
Then what?

Where is your
Are you giving
Out so you could
Be opened?
For the great
Rumi said
You will
Keep breaking
Your heart until
It opens.

It has been
Broken far
Too many times
But you close it
Each time
You give pièces

You indulge
In the hurt.
You indulge
In the dark.
So comfy.
It draws you in.
With every day
That breaks anew.

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