Am I making sense?

Originally written sometime in 2016. Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜Š

Being told things twice
Is like seeing the
But having to
re-live It twice.
Does that make sense?
Am I making sense.
They say God
Speaks from your future
So does that mean
Everything is in
The past tense?
Are we really living
In the present
Or the past?

Am I making sense?
Does all of this
Make any sense?
I feel like I’m
Letting myself
Run wild.
My mind is
Forever on play.
Thinking too hard
Makes you miss out
On the good things
In your life.
Is that what they
Call taking things
Way too seriously?

Is this making sense?
Am I making sense?
These words are
Just flowing
Like the river
That flows
But the watee
Is never the same.
So is the time
Who created it?
Madl made once again.
Oh boy!!

Back to the past
Everything from
The past is being
To make a better
That’s why they say
Making your past
Right will give you
A bright future.
Is that making sense?

A stop button
Must be created.
Once I’m dead
I don’t want to
Be crushed.
They call it
What human being
Came up with that?
Why are we so hung up
On change?

You don’t want
To be the person
You once were.
So you make
A new version
Of the old you
And called it
Victoria 2.0
What stupidity!!
Everyone knows
You can’t run away
From your past.

Emotions oh emotions.
What are the benefits
Of having them?
Can someone
please tell me?
I see it as a leash
That holds you back.
I see weakness
I bark at it
Like a dog.

I really don’t know
Who I am.
I’m glad I’m still
Figuring things out.
Hurting one’s feeling
Is my strong point.
But I hold one thing
To heart: respect
How ironic!!
My definition
For that is
Not hurting
The people you care
Most about.
Is that right?
Or am I on the
wrong path Ince again.
That never is
A bad thing
So I guess
I’m not bad after all.
I’m still learning
From the daily hiccups
I make.


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