What have I done
To you that allows
For you to torment
Me like so?
From a young age
We have always
Been friends.
I would run
To you for
You would embrace
And protect me
From the outside world.

You and I were
answer inseparable
But something changed.
In my teens
You turnt against me
And began to
Bully me.

How could a
Precious thing
Such as sleep
Bully a human
Like me?.
I want us to
Go back to
The way we
Once were.
Is that too
Much to ask?

I loved you
Soo much.
For you were
Always ready
To cover me,
Hide me away,
Fly me
To an imaginary world
Filled with
Breathtaking places.

But now you
Make me cry
Everytime I come
To you.
Why do you bully
Me so?
What have I done.
That results
To this action
Of yours?!

Could someone
Please tell me?
Could someone
Please take us
Both to therapy.
My heart breaks
Evertime we are

I miss the
We once had.
Sleep please be kind
To me.
I have done
Nothing wrong.
Yet you send
Your soldiers
To attack me.

Lucky art thou
Not to be of
Human form.
For the day you
Become such
I will know no
Mercy upon you.
You shall one day
Taste your own
When the day comes
IF it ever does..

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