Gone are the days

Gone are the days
Where you would
Stay awake all night
fighting yourself
Shouting at yourself
To get a grip
Of your thoughts.

Gine are the days
Where you would
Lay awake during
The day doing
Nothing just lost
Held captive
By your mind.
You gave power
To a terrible master
What were you thinking?

Well I guess
You weren’t.
Because you thought
A wonderful servant
Would make a
breath taking master.
Well I’m sorry dear.
As you have just
The mind is a wonderful
Servant but a terrible

It served you during
Your time as a child.
It helped you through
Circumstances but what
Was useful in one season
Cannot and will not be
Useful in the other seasons.
I hope you know
The value of control
And self awareness.

Gine are the days
You would lothe
In self pity.
Weeping over a first
Degree burn.
Clear up the clutter
In that mind of yours.
For there is a new
Season approaching
You must stand ready.

Are you ready
for what is
Strring up?
You can feel
It in your soul.
She knows what’s
Disarm your mind
From its worthless duty!
Put it back to serve you.
You control it
It doesn’t control
Do you hear me??!

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