Forgetful Me

You’ve forgotten
Of your quality.
You’ve forgotten
Of the class
You were born
You grew up in
The zone
Where status
Doesn’t really
Catch the ears
And eyes of
So you’ve  forgotten
About your quality.

Don’t forget
Where you come from
You’ve allowed
Yourself to be
Engulfed by
Your surroundings

You’ve forgotten
About the power
You posses.
You’ve forgotten
About the quality
Of authority
You hold.

You allow for
Others to lead
The way for you.
You’ve lost your morals.
Look at what you’ve done!
Have you no sense?!
Have you turned
A blind eye to your
Ancestral blood?
The quality of gold
That runs through
Your blood.

You’ve been so much
Time in Rome
You now believe
You are a roman.
It’s a pity and a shame.
Look how malible
And pitiful you’ve become.

Take up your armour!
Take up your sword
Wear your garment
And continue
This fight!
You don’t belong
In Rome!
Out of respect
You act like them
But don’t forget
Where your true
Identity lies.

For there is beauty
In the rare.
And you my dear one.
You are extremely rare.
Don’t you forget.


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