Don’t allow it

Don’t allow yourself
To be held down
Or hurt by their
I’m telling you
this you know.

Don’t allow it
You’ve been
By their appearances
Their words
Move sweetly
Into your mind
And lingers there
Fir sometime.

I tell you don’t
Coundon it
You have no idea
What you are
Allowing into
Your space.

Physically human
But it’s what that
Can not be seen
That holds more power.
Pay attention.
I beg of you.
Heed my instructions.
You will understand
The moment
You’ve experienced
One tiny storm.

Although I hope
You remember
These words
Before your storm
Changes into a tornado


      1. Until an outside force comes to interrupt the cycle cause that’s what it is its a cycle that we have found comfort it.. There’s a poem I wrote today that talks about getting comfortable in the passengers sit.. Its like a follow up from this poem. Breaking the pattern and starting a new one (which I’m currently doing) is harder than it seem.. Getting back into the drivers seat isn’t easy


      2. Oh ya. . It’s really hard to break the patterns. You have to keep your mind set on the reward at the end. . .I think I read all your poems 😊 even though I don’t always comment.

        Liked by 1 person

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