Forgetful Me

I forget for a while
Why we stopped
No warning
No apologies
Just silence
From both sides
But mainly yours.

It all come back
Why I think
We stopped.
I know I can’t
Bare not talking
To you.
The vibe between us.
So strong
It’s as though
The sea doesn’t
Seperate us.

Forgetful me ay?
We are both
Hurting incapable
To love but
Yet I still seek
For you on my
Lowest of days.

I shouldn’t have
But I forgot.
I forgot the words
I don’t know your feelings
But I’m sure
You feel the same.

Forgetful me ay?!
I know you will
Still be there
No matter what.
We always
Come back around
But we can’t stay
Talking and im
Glad you never replied.
I would have
never moved on.

I love you
And I will never seize
To stop.
Until next time.
For I known
We definitely
Meet or talk again

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