Emotions part 2

They are like
Blood sucking
Draining away
My energy.
They surround me
Knowing I can’t
Do anything
To them.
So they beat
Me up on a daily.

I can’t do anything
Because I’ve been told
They don’t exist.
Love doesn’t exist.
But why can it be felt?
It’s like a hard wave
Or is that lust?

It haunts me
But I mute it.
Show no emotion
That’s the only
Way to get through
This life.

I stumble and fall.
Someone please
Show me compassion.
I’m tired of going
Through this alone.
My heart’s beating
I know it wants
To be free.
Who do I give it to?

I don’t know
How to take
Care of it.
I wasn’t shown how.
All I know is
How to beat it.
Can someone
Please come and treat it?
It doesn’t look good.

Take my heart.
I don’t want it.
Show it love and
For that’s the
Way to heal it.

I won’t be free
Anytime soon.
So here
Take my heart
And show it
The life it should
I will follow it
Once I’m out of
This cage of

I got lust singing
In my ear.
It torments me
In the night
For I know
I yearn for
A more fruitful
happy life.
But I’m here
In this cage
And have
Nothing to do
But watch.

Don’t touch me
For with every touch
Makes my heart skip.
Don’t hug me
cause my soul
Becomes weak
Wanting more
But not capable
Of fighting for it

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