My Father ❤️

My father told me
You may be a girl
But you were raised
As a man.
I laughed.
Never take no
As an answer.
You got to fight
As a man.
Never thought
I could raise
You this way.
Your mother
Never thought
She’ll live up
Till today
But look at her.
She may not be
Happy but she
Has made it.

Was he being serious?
I guess so because
He taught me
Not to ever limit
You will eventually
Become your
Worst enermy
In doing so.

The world is
Your oyester
Your playing field
You are your
Manager, your
Accountant and
Personal trainer.
I tell myself
On a daily:
“you can do this
Never let it overwhelm

You are blessed
And capable.
Why limit
Why would you
Want to feel safe?
Feeling safe is
Not good.
You have the Lord
GOD as your defender.

Originally written : 23-01-18

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