Night Time

All of my days
Throughout all
Of these years.
There’s been tears
And fears.
Nightmares were
the worst.

The days were long
The nights were
The worst.
You were lying
In bed.
Bombarded by
Going round and round
Till you fell asleep.

The night time is worst.
The night time is bad.
Like the fox and pig
I am haunted by
Night time


      1. I’ve put it on hold for the time being. Currently feeling a bit overwhelmed with how the day’s are passing by. I’m currently just trying to get my head round everything so I’m relaxing atm

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      2. Really? Oh yeah I forgot you got this creative writing workshop going on I skimmed through I’m loving it it’s very triggering in an amazing way. I had to force myself not to start.. If I start I don’t stop so it’s better I get the important things out of the way frost then enjoy basking and discovering a new whole or rather a pré existing world which was paused… Oooouuuuuhhh that would be an amazing story line

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