You’re in pain
It’s your fault.
You’re depressed
It’s your fault
You’re a failure
It’s your fault
Your success
It’s your fault
You’ve been hurt
It’s your fault.

I’ve been a fool
I’ve been blinded
Now I’m hurt.
I’m in pain.
Can’t blame
No one
But you.

They say
You are a product
Of your environment.
I came out
Barely smiling.
I got ties
From the past.

I’ve been blinded.
Now I’m hurting.
So focused on
Reaching the
Finish line.
I ignored the warnings.
I ignored
The signs.
Self care I hear.
You are first.

Brought up
Me me me
Is selfish.
Always us or we
That’s better.
I wasn’t important.
I was a tool
I was used.
Now I’ve been
Let loose.

I need guidance
I reach out.
I tap out.
One foot in
One foot out.
Scared and unsure.
Is it safe?
Can I go?
Still not sure.
I need to be at ease
Not in dis-ease.

I’ve been blinded
With my own hand.
To flesh and bones.
Passing by
Passers by.
Share a tip
They leave a string
But it’s not attached.

I’ve been blinded.
Now I’m here.
Show me the
Way to recovery
Or else
This might be
The death of me.

You’ve neglected
To become
someone else.
You were unaware
Of the damage caused.

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