More time

I don’t have enough
Time to pay attention
To the things going on
Around me.
Mentally running
Looking and mumbling.
What did I do here?
How much time did
I spend there?

I’m chasing time
Please slow down.
You’re running
Faster than me.
With my hands outstretched.
I finally got hold of you.

Just like sand
You drop from
My hand
Just like a snowflake
You melt with a
Tiny touch.

What must I do
To keep up with you?
Physically healthy
Mentally overweight.
I got this.
Early to bed.
Early to rise
So they say.
I got this
You throw this
At me
I joggly it

I’ve got my trainer
At my side
Encouraging to
Say the least.
No slacking.
Come on
Pick up the pace.
I’m losing the balance.
It’s getting too much.
Or is it all in my head?
Have I retrieved into my shell again?


    1. Yea exactly. There’s more relatable poems but I haven’t had time to post them because I’m trying to meet up assessment deadlines.. When I have some breathing space there is more to come. I’m also writing a book that puts all these poems into content it tends to happen randomly tbh.


      1. Well take care of your assessments first. I’ve got you on my follow list, so hopefully I won’t miss any when they come out. I’m sure your book’s going to be fantastic 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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