What words said
Would comfort a
What choices
Made will lead to
the words Spoken
Has potential to
Heal and kill.
To comfort and destroy.

What words can be
Said to a person
In agonising pain?
Will you say yes
to nos’ or no to the yes?
The choice is yours.

We make them
without knowing.
Here I am
Sitting writing
With pain at my back.
It eats at me
But I choose
Not to listen.
Stubborn and
Careless is i.
I choose to say
Yes to the no

Give more attention
To the exterior
And ignored the interior.
Your health though
No physical visual
Impact you daily.

Love may not be seen
With the human eyes
But can be felt.
The choice we make
Should be more
Don’t let loose
On auto-pilot.

One comment

  1. Great poem…. I’ve been on both sides of this. Even when I am grieving, I feel there’s nothing anyone can do or say to help me. We just have to walk through it. . . and have someone to walk through us like your poem says. . .

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