You got to
Let it go.
The times has changed
You haven’t healed
So I understand
But are you willing
To explain yourself
To outsiders?
Are you willing to explain
Why you randomly break down?

He tells me
I’m unorganised.
My mind is scattered.
He knows the problem
But he won’t give way
For the answers.
What must I do?
Must I go against
His will?
What will the younger
Ones think of me?
What will the adults
Think of me?

I was told to
Create the environment
I order for Me to strive.
In the process of
The weather man
Comes to interrupt.
What must I do
Apart from
Take his warnings?

He speaks
The language
Of worry.
When one solider
Looses his morale
He panics.
The captain mustn’t

Where is my support system?
Must I create that too?
Yes! You are in the
Most of unchanted waters
For you to cross
You must build
Your boat.

How well you create
Your boat determines
How far across the
Water you go.

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