There is less colour
In this world
Through the eyes
Of pessimistic humans.
The colours of the trees
Seems to be dripping away into
The drainage of the streets
Something hard hits my leg
I turn to take a look
A car?
Have I become dead aswell
Black and white is all I see
I smile as he makes gestures
Ouhh this is real life Charlie chaplin
Me like.
I don’t seem to see much
Colour when I’m in doom.

It’s as though my brain
Has gone on strike.
It’s as thought the mini
Me has put a blind
Across my optic nerve.
It must be that
I can’t be colour blind
No way.

I must be optimistic
Let colour shine back
To my soul.
Where are the
care bears
When I need them the most.
They use their stomach
To bring in colour
To my soul.
Care bears care bears
Come out come out
where ever  you are.
I will focus more on the white
For that signifies purity and hope

As I walk through
this courless world
I am nothing but
content and at peace
For this how the
Shows were televised.
There is beauty is a colourless
  till the care bears
   come along

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