My heart and soul

Don’t worry
I got you
and I’m sorry
That I never
Love you.
I’m sorry
I  never paid
much attention
To you.
You were hurting.
I thought the cure
Would come
From someone else.

I love you and
I will try
To never
ignore You.
You’ve been screaming.
I thought it
was for other
  to  hear
  You were hurting
  But I ignored it.
  Thinking others
  Could fix it.

You yearned for
Some loving l.
I knew and felt it.
So I went on a mission
To find that love.
Darling, you’ve
Seeking my attenrion
And I never knew.
I am truly sorry
And I promise
To take care of
You more.

A close friend told me
That you were my partner
In crime.
I got to protect you
And heal you
When you need it.
Those are your expectations
And I’m sorry for
Letting you go in
So much pain.

You keep me alive
So I gotta keep
You alive.
I will always
Love you forever.

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