My tormentor

The cravings of a human
Is vicious.
It burns internally.
Hearts racing
Minds rushing
Images flowing past
Of a life I wish
I could have.
I close my eyes
And I’m happy
Just the two of us.
Without a care in
The world
Who made all
These rules

I want out.
I don’t want to be
Held down
By rules and expectations
I want lust
I want love
I crave for blood
The metallic taste
In my mouth
The lost of time
Just with the
One that means
The world.

Why and when will
I get there.
I’m craving
And I’m going
I’ve been held down
Thirsty as fuck.
Now every kind word
From a girl
Fills me up
Just a bit
I want more.
Give me more.

Like a vampire
I seek for more
To fill me upp
Whats my body count
I want more
Why can’t you
Let me free
Let me go
I want her

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