The Hurts of Time

It aches.
Your soul is
Being burnt alive
By their words.
Held down by their words
You become silent.
The cat has succeeded
In catching your tongue.

With each mean
Heartless knife
Stabbing words
Spoken at you
Burns your soul.
You’ve been caught
and held down
Shocked at their words.
Inside out
You slowly turn into stone.

Their words won’t
Penetrate now.
You’ve succeeded
In being a wall.
Born into a herd
Of flesh and bones
All men for themselves.

You kids better catch up.
Cause we ain’t
Gonna help you.
You must suffer
Just like us.
You must not rest.
Your actions don’t
Demand it.

The hurts of time
Has succeeded in
Engulfing you.
You don’t matter
So PISS Off!!
You nuisance!!

If only I could
If only I were invisible.
I would be capable
Of leaving.
You wouldn’t miss me.
So why should I care?
Why must I sleep and wake up
Just to be used again?

The hurts of time
I’ve managed to become
Partially invisible.
They gave me the answer.
You do as you are told
And you are left alone.

They never notice you
When you are right
Why should they?
You don’t matter.
You are a piece of cloth
Used and dumped.

As I grow
I sink into a shadow
Slowly becoming a skeleton
No emotion.
No sleep.
What is the point
Of living?

If you won’t switch off
The lights
Then I will.

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      1. Yes! Reading is my current escape or distraction from the real world. I was reading how to kill a mocking bird but my attention got averted (mentally) ouh and the review of the book you wrote on for the Saturday post sound interesting BTW

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Great, thanks! Yes, to kill a mockingbird is a good book and the book review I posted is interesting too but if you want a recommendation, I am currently reading a book called ‘My name is Victoria’ and it is AWESOME! I instantly thought of you since you share the same name and decided to recommend it to you. It’s honestly brilliant ๐Ÿ˜Š

        Liked by 1 person

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